Google Ad Grants: A unique opportunity for NGO’s

Did you know that Google’s search engine offers a program specifically tailored for non-profit organizations who wish to gain better online visibility? Google Ad Grants

This program is for any type of non-profit organization; whatsoever their sector of activity is. This ranges from disease prevention and control to animal welfare, culture and education, aid to the homeless or protection of the environment.

100.000 Euros per year for your NGO

Google Ad Grants offers a monthly budget worth US$10,000 (about €8,500) to invest in its Google Ads advertising platform. A unique opportunity to make your cause known and defend it on the web.

Your advantages:

  • Make your project known worlwide

  • Recruit new members

  • Value your website

  • Get financing

We support and guide you

Even though this program may be a great opportunity for non-profit organizations, it can also be a huge waste of time if you have not prepared well enough your application or if you do not manage your account properly.

As search engine advertising experts, we can create and manage these campaigns for you so that you get the best results possible. In addition, we can analyze all of your traffic (not just the one derived from your Google Ad Grants campaigns) and give you recommendations to improve the experience of your visitors/donors.

Do you already benefit from Grants ?

Since January 1st, 2018, new rules have been in force and threaten the eligibility of your grants if the Google Ads campaigns are not optimized. As a Google Partner, we know exactly what needs to be done to keep your account active and efficient.

Access Google Ad Grants offer as a nonprofit

We are also a SOCIALware partner. SOCIALware is in charge of validating the eligibility of your organization for Google Ad Grants and more generally, the Google for Nonprofits program. Click on the following links for more information and how to have access to the program – Information in French or in Dutch.
SOCIALware website is not in English but please send them an e-mail and they will answer with the right information in English.


Google Third-Party Policy

Please note that we comply with Google’s Third-Party Policy. This policy requires that we provide our clients with a transparent, clear, and honest representation of Google Ads services.