We started in 2006

ET-Consulting was founded by Emmanuel Thiebauld.

Our international team is made up of experts in Digital Marketing.

Since its start, ET-Consulting has been focusing on two things : Client Relationship and Continuous Learning.

In close relationship with you

For every client, we approach their business with a deep respect. Respect because we can see and feel that each client is putting his very own energy, love and grit in his business.

Simply put, we put all our energy on growing their business. This means that they trust our ability to understand what they do, how they do it and why they do it.

We never stop learning

Our second passion is to learn.

Every month, new tools appear, new innovations bring new opportunities appear. We have to stay up to date on all this and we love it.

The certifications and exams we acquired over the years are the tip of the iceberg of this never-ending learning process.

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Google Third-Party Policy

Please note that we comply with Google’s Third-Party Policy. This policy requires that we provide our clients with a transparent, clear, and honest representation of Google Ads services.